Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology

Horizontal Directional Drilling can be a very cost effective alternative where open trenching requires substantial expenditure of restoration and labour, not to mention the cost in public relations caused by disruption to the community.

The drill is surface mounted and requires no excavation therefore set up times are minimal and cost effective for short bores.

The pilot hole is tracked and can change alignment and depth to avoid existing services or over sub surface barriers. 

The bores can range between one to ten metres deep, depending on the specific scope of works required and directional drill used.

Environmentally Beneficial

  • No disturbance of sensitive areas
  • Minimal disruption to the public
  • Not limited by depth constraints

Environmentally Sensitive Alternative

Drilling under buildings, car parks, roads, and freeways, rail tracks, trees and most inaccessible places.

Drilling under rivers, creeks and other environmentally sensitive areas.