Horizontal Drilling » Rail & River Crossings

Rail Crossing

BTB Australia specialises in rail crossings and has completed over 400 around Australia including 120 for the new rail ticketing system.

Directional drilling railways is extremely cost effective over any other method of pipe installation in the rail network; our drillers are rail accredited and understand the constraints and safety requirements of the rail network.

Tracking drill head under rail pit

Directional Drill outside of
station whilst drilling under rail pit

River Crossing

We have also installed conduits under many major rivers in Australia including the Murray three times Murrumbidgee twice and Goulburn river three times and numerous rivers, creeks and wetlands throughout Australia.

We understand the environmental impact of these projects and utilize mud engineers to ensure that the drill fluids used on these projects assist not only the installation of the pipe and also cause no environment damage to the river, or its surrounds and flora and fauna.

Murrumbidgee River - installation of 500mm sewer pipe beside rail line and under river