BTB Australia's Recent Projects


Installing; 2 x 500mm (1 metre apart), plus 1 x 200mm, plus 4 x 50mm pipes across Swanston Street Melbourne to service RMIT.  This was a difficult and risky project due to the large number of existing services in the area, the trams and the high volume of pedestrians and vehicle traffic on this road.  The project was successfully completed without damage to existing services and to the satisfaction of RMIT and consultants.

These bores were completed with the D/W JT7020

Deer Park Station

BTB in conjunction with AJ Dodd’s completed night works doing rail crossings in rock to install 4 x 100mm conduit on each side of Track to the Island Platform.  BTB has completed many rail crossings of bores ranging from 63mm to 500mm around Australia.

Merri Creek

A major Yarra Valley Recycled wate project required that we install 4 separate bores for 1 x 560mm mscl pipe and 1 x 450mm hdpe, 1 x 200 hdpe and 1 x 315 hdpe through a narrow 10 metre coridore under Merri Creek in rock.  There were significant environmental  concerns that had to be addressed in order to complete the project.  These were met to the satisfaction of all Yarra Valley Water and Parks Victoria and the project was sucessfully completed.


BTB installed 207 metres of 560mm od hdpe under Goulburn River and 2 pipes of 560mm and 280mm under the Rubicon River.  This is a pristine environmental area catering to fly fishing and other river activities so frac-out and contamination of the river was a major concern for all parties.  A mud engineer was employed through ADG to assist with correct mud mixes and ensuring the hole stayed open for the pipe installation.

Frankston Recycled Water

In partnership with US Utilities BTB installed approximately 2.2 kilometres of 315mm recycled water pipe in suburban Frankston streets.  This also included 2 major road crossings of 450mm conduits.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget.  

Bores completed with the D/W JT4020M1 & D/W 2720M1

Nunawading Station Early Works

BTB was contracted by Downer EDI to complete early works which required the installation of multiple electrical and communication conduits and pits.  BTB installed approx 2.1 kilometres directional drilling installing 17 conduits in various groups, 700 metres of 17 way trenching down the railway corridor plus installation of 4 20t concrete power turning pits and numerous communication and power pits.  The work required double shifts at times to ensure time frames were met for the project yet not jeopardising the quality and safety of the works. 

Bores completed with D/W JT4020 and Vermeer 36x50

Myki Project

Install 80 rail crossings and install pits and conduit to rail buildings to facilitate new ticketing system.  This required some night works and coordination with a number of rail project staff and consultants in order to meet all requirements and standards to complete the project by a certain time frame.