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Plant & Equipment

BTB have a modern fleet of directional drilling machines and ancillary equipment as well as trenching and excavation machinery, vacuum trucks and non destructive diggers adaptable to your specific project.


8 Horizontal Directional Drills and Recycling systems varying in size and capability

D/D Ditchwitch JT4020

D/D Vermeer D36x50

D/D Ditchwitch JT2720AT

D/D Universal 200x240

D/D Ditchwitch JT7020

Mud Mixing & Recovery System


10 Excavators and Backhoes varying in size

Sumitomo 22t Excavator

Takeuchi 8t Excavator

JBC Backhoe 3CX


Non Destructive Diggers, Vacuum trucks and Water Tanker

Water Tanker

Non Destructive Digger

Vacuum Truck


Tip trucks, Gang trucks, and Fleet of Vehicles to Transport Equipment and Personnel.