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Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is a relatively new technique for the installation of underground utilities.  It allows for the installation of utilities including gas, water, sewer, and electricity and communications cables without the need for the usual social costs associated with open trench installations such as disruption of traffic flows, damage to highways, walks, driveways, lawns and gardens

  • Delivers maximum efficiency and reduces restoration costs that are associated with trenching
  • Capable of handling large and small drilling projects
  • Bores from 30 metres up to 1,000 metres in length
  • Boring from 25mm to over 2000mm in diameter
  • Results in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly job site
  • Reduced the need to remove or reinstate expensive land scaping or environmentally sensitive objects
  • Significantly reduced impact on business and residences in close proximate to worksite
  • No long term costs to continually reinstate trenching due to settlement and eliminates possibility of trip hazards to the public

Sewer Installations

Directional drilling is currently being used to install pressure sewer systems for some water authorities because it is far more cost effective in that main lines can be bored down streets and branches can be installed into houses under garden areas, driveway and paths efficiently and effectively.

BTB can also install gravity sewers which require a specified fall in which the hole is augured  and cleaned to the required size and a pvc pipe is manually installed.

BTB can also supply a complete service which connect the sewer network to scouer valves and air valves, and pressure test the system prior to hand over.

Multiple Pipe Installations

BTB specializes in multiple pipe installations for various authorities and contractors.

Pipes range from twin 110mm up to 16 x 110mm conduits. 

Install a combination of power and communications in the one bore is cost effective and less time consuming than multiple bores.